The Wylatowo Balls of Lights.

Facts, pictures and enhancements about "Balls of Light" captured on 2 surveillance camera's and digitally analysed with the best available software.

Update 18th april 2007

With super enhancement proffesional software, also used by security and police teams, we can look at  much more clear pictures. We can dive deep  inside these famous Balls Of Light and fly wth these awesome lights! When using colours into the bright white light we can see clearly what happens exactly with these unknown objects.


These are the best enhancements ever. This picture nr.1 shows a stretched object.
In normal light it consists of probably 4 separate balls, which are molted together, but when we put colour to the objects we can see astonishing results. We can see what the boundaries of the objects are . We now can conclude that we have to deal with 2 objects above and 1 object below and possible a forming fourth object at the right. The object below has connection with the objects at the top. With what kind of things do we have to deal with? It seems as its putting up a show, it seems it is showing a kind of cell splitting!


Picture nr.2. Only 3 seconds later, but now the stretched object is fully gone.
Only 1 ball of light remains.I get the feeling these balls of light are putting up a show.



Picture nr.3. 5 seconds later.Again a change in form and increasing balls of light.
We can see 3 separate balls of light, 2 at the top and 1 below. We can also see a connection
between the balls at the top and below.



Picture nr.4.  4 seconds later. We can clearly see a colour change. The clear white light changes to red at the outside.
At the bottom we can see 2 separate balls of light, 1 moves to the left the other to the right and they leave a small tail behind. Most remarkable is the change in colour. We could conclude that a temperature change is involved.



Picture nr.5. 6 seconds later. Objects are clear white again. Probably 1 ball of light is forming, very faint at the bottom of the picture.
The 2 balls of light on the previous picture at the bottom are now connected together and are flying together, just as the balls of light at the top, which is possibly the leading "man"



On 15-07-2006 around 16:35 hours....
Wylatowo Lightball returns
see for yourself


Further Analysis and Conclusion

Since 1 july 2005 untill 31 july 2005 A crop field in Wylatowo, Poland was under a 24 hours surveillance by 4 video camera's

Wylatowo, is a small place in the south-West of Poland. Since a few years the famous crop-circles appear in the crop fields surrounding the place Wylatowo, mostly in the months July! Crop-circle researchers decided to cover a field with video camera's. They hoped to film the forming of a crop circle, whether it was man made or by some other force.

As a crop circle investigator myself and as a member of the Dutch Centre for Crop Circle Research I decided to follow the camera's some days. I could manage the video's and store some files on my hard disk. I was interested in the daylight video's because of a story of a witness, a bicyclist, who saw some day in 2005, 3 strange white objects hovering above a crop field. So I hoped maybe to discover something on these Polish video's.

Indeed I discovered something amazing on the video's of the 2nd of July. I discovered a strange shape shifting object hovering over the crop field. Later on, when I enhanced the pictures with Professional zooming-software, I manged to get very clear pictures of the objects, maybe the best available pictures of BOL's ever made. Also I discovered that it was actually not 1 object but 4-7 objects. Working with colour created a whole new dimension. You can actually see that the objects are splitting themselves. They are connected with eachother. Flying through the air, melting together as one, separating and splitting, the objects seem to have fun doing this. Its shows intelligent behavior!

What I will show you here are the so called "stills" of the video surveillance camera nr. 1. On the big pictures you can see the date and time even seconds. The whole apearrance took 18 seconds on camera 1 and 35 seconds on camera nr.2. camera nr.2 has a poor quality, but you can see an object moving. Pictures of this camera are not on this site, but are available on demand for further serious investigation. The original video is 73Mb, so it is not available on this site, but also available on demand.



These are the real pictures from that day, 2nd of July, starting at 11:37 hours. Remarkable is that there is also an object in the sky, above left, I made a black circle around it. I could not make that object more clearer with the zooming software.


End Conclusion

In 18 seconds we can see the famous Balls of Light. We can see them appearing, dissolving, increasing and decreasing. We have date and time in the pictures. Is this a natural phenomena, which we don't know yet, or are these the famous CU, Consciousness Units or EU, Electromagnetic Units of which "Seth" was speaking of in his books, written by Jane Roberts. The CU or EU is the first raw material on which the cosmos is build on. When we look at the Datre material, we see that these same objects are called ANU's.

I feel and think that we have here the first clear pictures and evidence of CU's EU's or ANU's. On the next page I will talk further on these strange objects and why they behave so unusual!

You can email me for further questions, see email adress below.



(C) Glenn Aoys

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